Bachelor of Theology (B.B.S.)

  1. Introduction
    • We offer courses focused on the Bible, theology, and general liberal arts for students who desire to Bible the foundation of their lives.
    • The undergraduate course is designed to encourage students to develop sound and living knowledge of the Word of God, enabling them to share principles that change their lives in a variety of contexts.
  2. Eligibility
    • Graduated from high school or have equivalent qualifications
    • Approved by the administration committee
  3. Curriculum
    • Required Courses
  4. General / Liberal Arts (36 credits)

    World Civilization, Western Church History, Korean Church History, Introduction to Western Philosophy, Introduction to Eastern Philosophy, Introduction to Natural Science, Human Development, Social Studies and Immigrant Society, Psychology and Immigrant Family, Cultural Anthropology, etc.

    Biblical / Theological Studies (39 credits)

    Introduction to the Old Testament, Pentateuch, Prophecy, Wisdom Literature, Introduction to the New Testament, Synoptic Gospel, Paul Epistle, General Epistles, Hermeneutics, Systematic Theology 1, Systematic Theology 2, Christian Spirituality, Christian Ethics

    Major (29 credits)

    Personal Conferences, Introduction to Missiology, Leadership, Christian Worship, Preaching, Sermon Practice, Pastoral Studies, Inner Healing, Christian Education

      • Electives

    John’s Gospel, Revelation, New Testament Background, Israel History, Biblical Archaeology, Worship, Old School, Introduction to Counseling, Human Relations and Adaptation, Church Administration

  5. Graduation Requirement
    • 128 required credits must be earned with 2.0 overall GPA.
    • Completion of 2 credits in pastoral practice is required for graduation.
    • Completion of reading the entire bible.

Master of Science (M.Div)

  1. Introduction
    • The three-year Master’s Degree program in Diplomacy is a degree program to professionally train individuals who wish to serve throughout life in ministry and related fields.
  2. Eligibility
    • BA or BBS degree or equivalent
    • Approved by the administrative committee
  3. Curriculum
    • Required Courses:
      • Old Testament – Hebrew, Introduction, Theology, Exegesis
      • New Testament – Greek, Introduction, Theology, Exegesis
      • Systematic Theology – Systematic Theology 1, Systematic Theology 2, Christian Ethics, Calvinism, Reformation
      • Historical Theology – World Church History 1, World Church History 2, Korean Church History, American Church History
      • Practical Theology and Missiology – Christian Education, Preaching, Preaching Practice, Church Politics, Missionary Theology, Pastoral Counseling
    • Electives
      • Pharmacology – Pentateuch, Prophecy, Wisdom Literature, Apocalyptic Literature, Intertestamental Period, History of Israel
      • New Testament – Synoptic Gospel, John, Paul Theology, Revelation, Romans, New Testament and Women
      • Historical Theology – Ancient Church History, Medieval Church History, Asian Church History, Ecumenism, Korean Theological History
      • Practical Theology – Christianity and Spirituality, Special Pastoralism, Church Planting Theory and Practice, Church Leadership and Spirituality, Comparative Religion, Islamic Studies, Inner Healing, Pastoral Theory and Practice, Pastoral Theology, Church Growth, Graduation Thesis
  4.  Graduation Requirement
    • Student must complete 98 credits.
    • Submit two student evaluations a year completed by the ministry commissioner.
    • Submit monthly ministry report.
    • Pass the Bible exam with minimum 70%.
    • 6 credits of Thesis is optional which will be counted towards the 24 credits of electives requirement.

Master of Theology (Th.M)

  1. Introduction
    • The Master of Theology is a process of acquiring academic knowledge and advanced expertise in ​​theological training, focusing on one aspect out of Christian education, the Old Testament, the New Testament, missions, practical theology, and systematic theology.
  2. Eligibility
    • Bachelor’s degree, Bachelor of theology or equivalent
    • M.Div or Master’s degree equivalent
    • Final GPA of 3.0 or higher
    • Completion of minimum one semester each in Hebrew and Greek
    • Approved by the administrative committee
  3. Curriculum
    • Church History, Old Testament, New Testament, Systematic Theology, Missiology *Refer to the curriculum for Master of Science (M.Div)
  4. Graduation Requirement
    • 30 credits of the required courses must be completed with 3.0 GPA or higher.
    • Complete 6 credits of graduation thesis.
    • All courses must be completed within five years.

Course Catalog

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